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Pinkie Pie, the Faerie Dragon (Pony) - Puck by Dota2Pony Pinkie Pie, the Faerie Dragon (Pony) - Puck by Dota2Pony
Icon Pack for Dota 2 - [link]


"Pinkie Pie", the essence of Party and Happiness may look like a cheerful pony like any other, but in reality she has lived a bitter life. In her childhood, Pinkamena wasn't the very cheerful pony like she is now these days. Back then, the only pony who could make her smile was her grandmother. Such happiness and life lessons that couldn't be given by anyone else, young Pinkamena's love for her Grandmother can't be expressed by any mere word. But every pony knew that nothing lasts forever. Pinkamena's Grandmother suddenly passed away. Young Pinkamena was in shock and felt that she had nowhere to go. But like all living creatures that exist on this Earth, life continued on. Due to the constant painful memories of her time with her grandmother, young Pinkamena decided to move out from her house. Filled with sadness she pressed on until on one faithful night, in one of her dreams she was met by her Granny and the Goddess of Happiness. In her dream, the Goddess of Happiness spoke to her :

"Pinkamena, please don't be sad anymore. Just laugh it up and stay cheerful! Your Granny is very happy here in the Afterlife, however every time you shed a tear, it just makes her feel sad and regretful of her death. So don't cry, always stay smiling and I'm sure you will find the secret to achieve eternal happiness."

Suddenly, Pinkamena woke up. Realizing that she shouldn't be sad anymore for the sake of not just herself but for her grandmother as well, she begins a new journey to find out the secret for Eternal Happiness.
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duyhung2h Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Interface Designer
i think Puck and Trixie are in comment:
They have magic.
Same color.
They have some great tricks about magic.
but Puck don't brag like Trixie. Puck is global happiness,
nelord7000 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
I like pinkie being puck more than her being gyrocopter.
Thekoreanog Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
*puck* stay and amuse me. let the world end now
Jabamaca Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012
The Illusory Orb should be a gift where she can come out from...
ImPlatinum Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
party canon anyone?
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